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By: Chanchao in Chiang Mai

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Thursday, 15-Jul-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Pa Thong Go breakfast pastry ("Chromosome Donuts")

Pa Thong Go stall
Making the little X-shaped donuts
Close up :)
In Thailand there are actually relatively few dishes that are really NOT commonly eaten for breakfast. Pretty much anything from fried rice to curries and noodles can be breakfast. There are however a few dishes that are more common. The thing that comes first to mind when you say 'Thai breakfast' would be 'khao tom', a plain rice soup that is eaten with various salty, soury and/or spicy side dishes. Many hotels that cater to a Thai clientele will have a khao tom section in their morning buffets.

But there are more typical breakfast things, like the pa thong go pastry I talk about today. Also this one may sit better with your average Western visitor as a breakfast choice, compared to rice soup with salty preserved eggs. You will not find pa thong go exclusively during breakfast hours, it can be had as a snack or light meal pretty much any time of the day and night.

Pa thong go are little X-shaped fried pastry, a bit like a donut perhaps. They're eaten usually with sweet soy milk, or a custard cream. The most common custard cream is the green one which gets it's colour and flavour from the pandanus leaf. Just dip and eat. Other things you can dip your pa thong go in would be strong sweet coffee or Ovaltine. Aside from the X-shaped (chromosome shaped) ones, most stalls also offer a round shape, often with some sesame seeds on top. They're very cheap, like 1 baht each and a couple of baht for the soy milk or custard cream. This particular stall where I took these pictures is located at Chang Phuak food market, at Chang Phuak gate in Chiang Mai. This one is in operation in the evening and deep into the night.

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