Chanchao's Chiang Mai Food Review
Reviews of restaurants and Thai food stalls in Chiang Mai, Thailand
By: Chanchao in Chiang Mai

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Wednesday, 26-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Expansion of Chiang Mai / Ring Road Restaurants

Thalay Pow restaurant, one of MANY along the ring road
Very nice dish of seafood, cashews and lots of herbs & spices
Curried seafood in a fresh coconut with shrimp, squid and crab
Here we go on out Ring Road Restaurant Roundup.. CM Kitchen
Balinese Pub & Restaurant.. Probably just Balinese in name..
Khon Dern Thang.. "Travellers Restaurant"
Say Hi!!
De Bar...
Terrace.. (Or was that Terra 7E..)
Green Leaf
Combination of Thai and English.. Mao Deep.. (Deeply Drunk?)
Ton Ngern Ton Thong.. (Silver Tree, Gold Tree)
Khiang Khwan Kitchen
Ba Ba Beer Garden
Road Side & Red Door in the background
Relax & Birthday
I did it... Maaaaaii Way
The Ant... And there are MANY MORE than just these places shown!
You may not notice this so much if you mostly spend your time in the city area, but I think Chiang Mai is currently expanding at an incredible rate. Especially along the new ring roads that have been built there are many new businesses and housing compounds springing up. And restaurants. Many, many restaurants, pubs, bars, karaokes, you name it. I drove around half of the new Middle Ring road today and noted all the new restaurants that have sprung up.. some very low key, like some bamboo thatched covers selling whiskey and some snacks, others rather professional looking restaurants.. It would be a fair bet to say that many or most of these won't make it, or will change hands and/or change names in the near future. Have a look at all the pictures for this entry to see the variety of new little restaurants.

But first things first, so I started with the very first restaurant you get to from where the Middle Ring road starts (or ends, it's all relative), South of Chiang Mai at the Canal Road. This one is just called 'Thalay Pow', (Grilled Seafood), no English sign. And you know what, it was pretty good! Interesting menu, very fresh shrimp, good service by mostly very gay looking staff. I especially liked the opening page of the menu, that went like:

    Breaking a glass: 30 Baht
    Breaking plates or ash trays: 80 baht
    Throwing up inside the restaurant, cleaning fee: 300 baht.

Hm. Seems they expect some rowdy clientele.. Or makes you worry about the food that perhaps makes you throw up right away.. The other customers seemed to be rather normal & friendly looking local families though, and the food was excellent. Also the prices were really a lot cheaper than comparable food would cost in town. I will give more of these places along the ring road a try some time!

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